C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang (tekenduis) wrote in little_details,
C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang

US Presidents numbering systems

I'm working on a bit of world pre-history for a story I'm writing that is set in the future, but part of that will involve numbering off a few US presidents to get to the story-current one.

So, my question is: When numbering the Presidents (ie: 1st President, 43rd President) how do multiple terms work?

I'm working right now under the assumption that if the terms are served consecutively, that's counted as one (so if Joe become the president for 4 years and is the 15th President, and then wins again, he's still the 15th President) where if the terms are not consecutive, they're counted as two (Joe wins to become the 15th, then Bob wins, becoming 16th, and Joe wins again, making him the 17th).

Is that right?

Also, what number is the US on right now (or will they be on starting Jan 20th)?

Thanks in advance!
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