charactercomms (charactercomms) wrote in little_details,

college sports recruiting questions

I've got a character who plays high school basketball and is looking to play Div I in college. I've done a TON of research on recruiting and I think I have the general idea of it all. But there are a couple things that I just cannot figure out.

1) At what point will he hear from recruiters saying, "yes, please come to our school"?

2) At what point will he hear about scholarships in relationship to those offers?

3) I assume he has to also submit regular applications to those schools; will he have to wait until their regular notification dates (I think all the ones I'm toying with are April 1) to hear if he got accepted to the actual schools, or will his being an athlete speed that up in any way?

Tags: usa: education: high school, usa: education: higher education, ~sports (misc)

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