Baudrillard: like Bob Ross, in a way (das_kabinett) wrote in little_details,
Baudrillard: like Bob Ross, in a way

Clay, Sculpture

How does modeling clay smell? How would it react under friction/heat? I would go out and buy some to test it, but I'm sort of broke and I'm not sure where the closest art supply store is.

Also, are there any tricks or weird little things that a sculptor who is planning on making a bronze statue would do? I mean, other than the modeling-plaster-bronze sort of simple things. Details. In fact, maybe even, little_details.

Edit: Apparently, there is a difference in terminology. In the UK, what I'm referring to is called plasticine or polymer clay, whereas a lot of Americans refer to the non-drying, oil-based clay as "modeling" clay.

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