Beth Winter (bwinter) wrote in little_details,
Beth Winter

Everyday life in New York, 1893

My characters are living in an upscale if small townhouse in New York in 1893. I have a few questions related to everyday life in that era:

1) What neighbourhood could the house be in? I'm looking for a place fairly close to downtown, but a safe neighbourhood.

2) Would the lights in the street the house faces be gas or electric? I assume the alley lights would be gas, if there were any at all?

3) Would the stove be gas or coal, if it was newly bought?

4) How old would the typical law school graduate be? What would be his job title if he was hired by a medium-sized law firm fresh out of Columbia Law School?

General advice about research (keywords, sites, books) of upscale New York in 1893-1895 would also be welcome. I'm okay with the lowscale bits thanks to various sites and Herbert Asbury, but the everyday life of the higher society's a closed book to me. Is there anything like Emily Post's Etiquette with the information about how things looked like thirty years earlier?
Tags: usa: new york: new york city

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