Total fuckup with great taste in music (arabwel) wrote in little_details,
Total fuckup with great taste in music

Fake desifgner things, high school stuff and Russian education

So, I have three mostly unrelated questions.

Question the first is about fake designer products: I have a scene where an English girl snarks an American girl for wearing somethinmg fake - got any suggestions as to what would be a good thing? I am thinking fake Buberry but I don't know if an upper-class east Coast American teenager would wear Buiberry (story is set in modern day, no later than 2008 max) Something decidedly British, though, and v. "posh". I am not very familiar with designer things aso looking at the internet is not making any sense at me.

Question the secoind: I know that American high schools do a lot of things where schools meet up for competitions and so on, but the detaisl kind of escape me.. but what sort of an event7thing would be likely to bring together students (freshmen) from a small Californian town with ones from an affluent unspecified East Coast school? A sporting event? A debate.. thing? something to do with bands? An academic bowl?

Question the thir: How old would the average freshly-out-of-wherever-they-produce-them elementary school or equivalent be in Russia?
Tags: russia: education, usa: education (misc), ~clothing

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