Rachel Martin (rachel_martin64) wrote in little_details,
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teenage dialog

I am reviewing a story that contains a lot of dialog by a 14 to 16 year old teenage girl. I would appreciate some input from teenage readers of Little Details, or from adults who are around teenagers a lot. Some questions:

1. Do 14-16 year old girls know what a Chippendales dancer is?

1. (a) How would a teenage girl otherwise complete this sentence: "He's so hot, he probably worked his way through college as ________" The speaker is being funny and complimentary, not mean.

2. Do 14-16 yr old girls know what is meant by "Mrs. Robinson"? Do you know this is shorthand for "older woman involved with younger man"?

2. (a) How would you otherwise say this sentence: "She's got that whole Mrs. Robinson thing going for her." Would you say something like, "She's got that whole Demi Moore thing going for her"?

3. Has the typical 14-16 yr old girl (not specially a sci-fi buff) watched the first Star Wars movie from 1976? Would she know who Chewbacca was?


ETA: Thank you to all who commented!

The results so far:

1. Seems like maybe half know what a Chippendales dancer is, half don't. Would describe a hot guy as being good-looking enough to work as a stripper or as a model.

2. "Mrs. Robinson" has been replaced by "MILF" or "Stiffler's mom" from the American Pie movies.

3. Just about everybody knows who Chewbacca is, even if they never saw the 1976 Star Wars movie.

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