to_make_art (to_make_art) wrote in little_details,

for the brits in the group

My writing is a strange mix of British and American English, the result of learning the British version in school and then moving to the U.S.

Right now I'm writing about two British people, 16-18 years old, the time is somewhere between late 90s and today, and have some trouble with getting the dialogue to sound right.


Would they use the word "hot" about someone they're in love with or is this American English? What about "gorgeous"? Those are the ones I use myself, but I have no idea if British people would.

Is "dyke" used as an insult, or is it reclaimed in the way it is in the U.S.?

Do people really say "shag" or is it only Austin Powers who use it?

Some insults would be nice too. Both the kind that is used to actually be hurtful, and the kind that is said with love and um, as some sort of a joke. You know what I mean.
Tags: ~languages: english: uk

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