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A word meaning "haunted/possessed object"

I have a question that I'm having trouble wording for Google and Wikipedia doesn't seem to help much either. In my story I have vampires that seem as real as any person, but they leave their bodies in the grave. They're basically ghosts that can make themselves appear solid. They can only survive in this form if they feed on the energy of the living and have a body of their own for the "ka" (coporeal life force) portion of their soul to inhabit. If their original body is destroyed through decay or tampering, they can still survive if they are able to take possession of something else that will serve as a new home for their coporeal being. Nearly any object will do under the right conditions. What I need is a term for any object that is inhabited by vampire. I know the ancient Egyptians had what are called "Ka Statues" to serve as a backup in case the mummy didn't survive, but I'm looking for a general term that applies to more than just statues. I was considering "fetish" but I'm not sure if that applies. Help?
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