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Chronology of a Victorian-era trial

Okay. I have a story set in a pseudo-1890s or so, and near the end of the book, a huge crime is exposed, resulting in a trial. Basically, a group of people are involved in ongoing criminal activity against this one guy, resulting in serious harm to him. One guy gets a conscience and exposes the crime, killing one of his co-conspirators in the process, and confesses. All these people are politicians and this would be a HUGE national scandal. The guy who confessed is perfectly honest about what happened and willing to take his punishment, but the other guys in the group will want to try to pin as much blame as possible on that guy to save their own hides, so I imagine the trial will mainly be about that.

Anyway, I don't go into too much detail of the trial in the book. All I want to know is just a very basic timeline of events. What happens immediately after the confessing guy goes to the authorities, how long does it take before the trial occurs, and how long the trial would likely take.

I could find plenty of links describing actual trials in the Victorian era, and that has helped, but none of them covered a crime where the main perpetrator of the crime confesses, and the victim is still alive and relatively forgiving. I wasn't sure how this might affect things. It seems like it might simplify matters, but I don't know, so I wanted to double check here.

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