Pico the Great (pico_the_great) wrote in little_details,
Pico the Great

Point me to a ship.

I need a certain type of ship. I've done some wikipediaing, and checked the tags to this comm, and I have small ideas, but all I know of ships could probably fit on a promo pamphlet. This is for Nano, so I have time for research, and the narration allows for some vagueness in terminology, but still. I need a jumping-off-point for my research, because I've little idea what to look for.

What I need: It should a medium or small ship, (crewed by about six to nineish, if possible), more for shorehopping than anything else; it should be capable of bringing small amounts of cargo, but I could get along with "this isn't a cargo ship, I dunno what you're thinking." Time period is mid/late eighteenth century. Speed is good, but it should be one that's easy to maneuver - this is more important than speed, ultimately.

The simpler, the better. I know a very little of sails and rigging, and I don't want to have to BS too much of it (if there's a site with nice pretty drawings explaining things in layman's terms, I'd be glad to see it).

Direct Questions: Can I, instead of cannon, have smallish ballistae for my missile weapons? (I know it's cannon do damage to other ships, but it's not other ships I'm looking to do damage to.)

Food? Food storage? There'll be a number of journeys into cold climate - anything different about storage then? (Also, what about the IM IN UR BASE, EATIN UR FOODZ problem: do insects & animals living in/off said food die in said cold climates? Will we have supercooled rats?)

Anything else you can think of I forgot, I'd appreciate. Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~boats and other things that float

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