Monk of Foxes (foxsable) wrote in little_details,
Monk of Foxes

Nocturnal Pack animal varieties

I am looking for possible nocturnal pack animals which CAN and WILL live in underground dens. The size and shape is approximately that of a dog. With out a name it is hard to look up on Google or Wiki. I'm looking for broad classes, so "Fox" is good, not "Arctic fox", "red fox", etc. (I can find the sub-species myself afterwards)

Here is a partial list I've come up with:
Fox (too small, not pack)
Wolf (excluded for other reasons)
Dog (just not what I'm looking for)
Dingo (possible, but just does not seem right)
Coyote (solitary animals, too large for dens)
Hyena (closer to cats than dogs, and alread excluded)
Jackal (seems almost perfect)

This animal will basically be a totem animal for someone, and I am looking for it to be perfect. Are there any other animals that meet these criteria that I am missing?
Tags: ~animals (misc)

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