Beth Winter (bwinter) wrote in little_details,
Beth Winter

Death in German folklore?

I need a name that could be used for the personification of Death in Germany and surrounding regions. It can derive from any era post AD 500, though it might also be from an earlier mythology in the region if it survived up to that point. The original deity/spirit could be a ruler of the underworld, but the problem is, I need a male (der Tod, after all), so I can't use Hel. I'd rather also not use Odin, since the personality this guy has is brash, proud and not too wise.

So far I have Yama for India, China and Japan, Azrael for the Middle East, Morana/Marzanna for the Slavic countries etc. Is there a similar figure in German folklore that has a name I could use?
Tags: germany: folklore

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