Teaphile (teaphile) wrote in little_details,

Resort Hotels

It's NaNo time again, and this year's novel is post-apocalyptic. To that end, I must ask:

What kind of/how much of various supplies do upscale resort hotels keep around? Let's say the hotel in question is the kind that will cater to a patron's every possible need; what kind of things do they keep on hand, and what do they rely on getting from nearby towns? And how many months supply of anything--including cleaning products--do they get at a time?

The hotel I'm thinking of using is Banff Springs (or whatever it's called these days), which is nearly wilderness and has all the requisite winter and summer activities you'd find in the Rocky Mountains, along with spas, a few different styles of restaurants, that kind of thing. The apocalypse in question involves no electricity and extremely limited fossil fuels, but no radiation or plagues (at least, for the moment). There are towns around, but they'd be a fair walk away, and nearly impossible to reach safely in the winter.

Any ideas?

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