Rachel (delordra) wrote in little_details,

Procedures for death on an airplane

Any attempts to google any combination of "death" and "airplane" only brings up info on crashes., and looking for information on medical emergencies on planes brings up companies that supply emergency medical supplies to airlines.

I have a character who dies on a plane of an apparent heart attack (he was actually poisoned, but it will look just like a massive, immediately fatal heart attack) on a flight from Moscow to London. According to my research, it's a four hour flight, and he dies about an hour and a half in. They can have a doctor on board to declare him dead, if necessary.

1) I'm assuming they would land the plane as soon as possible and remove the body - is that correct? Would they make everyone get off, or just remove the body? How long would the plane be grounded?

2) What would they do with the body while waiting to land? Leave it there and cover it with a blanket, move it somewhere else? If they move it, where would they put it?

As always, thanks for the help!
Tags: ~travel: air travel

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