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Mineral Discovery Dates

I've googled and wiki'd this until blue in the face and have had absolutely no success; I'm hoping that the lovely people of this community might be able to help me. Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list of minerals that includes the dates said minerals were discovered/named/classified by science? Or if not, can anyone suggest search terms that might help locate this information? I've used mineral "date of discovery", "mineral lists", mineral "discovery dates" and several others with no helpful hits.

I know that there are lists that have the dates that elements were discovered/named/isolated/classified but that doesn't help me with regards to compound minerals, especially since some elements were isolated from minerals that were already known to science (i.e. beryllium).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ETA: A very good point was made, so if it helps, I'm looking for a list of minerals that would've been known to a geologist living in western Europe in the early 19th century.
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