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Tokyo Locations

I have a question about Tokyo districts, and was directed here...

In my fiction, there's a dance club. It's in an old warehouse built in the 1950s / 60s over an old warehouse that was destroyed in the firebombing of Tokyo during WWII.

I've been searching through Google and Wikipedia and gotten so far and no farther. So here are a few questions about this:

1) Is it realistic to have a dance club in Sumida-ku? Koto-ku looks possible as well, but I was able to find more info on Sumida. (I also found a general statement that the worst damage during the war was to the east of the Imperial Palace.)

I see a Sumida-ku tango club listed online (in English), but that's it. This is more a pop music / top 40s-ish club.

2) When was major rebuilding done in whatever neighborhoods fit #1? I know about construction for the 1960 Olympics, but am not sure if it would have extended throughout over Tokyo. (I've looked on Mid-Tokyo Maps, which only discusses residential reconstruction.) Is is appropriate to say that major rebuilding was done in the early / mid / late 1960s? Or are the 1950s a better bet?

3) If someone was looking for municipal records about this location, would the records note that the building had replaced a building built in the 1920s / 30s (after the great earthquake)?

These are listed in order of importance; I'm hoping that they're not too obscure.

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