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Growth Plate Fractures

I researched this through Google and Wikipedia both as well as About.com and NIAMS (National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases) but the information provided isn't quite what I need. the NIAMS articles do confirm that a growth plate fracture can occur with a gunshot wound and that it is fairly uncommon but it isn't specific enough regarding other details.

This is the situation about which I am writing:

The character, who is almost but not quite sixteen, has a history of malnutrition, illness, and abuse which has already affected the growth plate in one leg and caused it to be shorter than the other as well as quite painful. When she's accidentally shot by police, the old injury is noticed and her guardian has the decision of either leaving it alone or allowing the surgeons to make repairs. What I need to know:

- can an old growth plate injury be treated at all if it has not been previously?

- what would the most likely course of treatment involve if it's not a fresh fracture?

- if they were going to attempt lengthening the shortened limb, how would they do it (the bone affected is the tibia and the knee)?

- what's the prognosis for such an injury, how long are we looking at for recovery time, and what would be the post surgical therapy for it?

I found A LOT about long term therapy and treatment of fresh fractures but nothing about repairing old injuries.
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