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Lifeguards/Summer Jobs in Sweden/Britain

I'm writing a second installment of my novel, and figured that maybe someone could answer this question for me... this isn't an important plot point or anything, and can simply be eliminated if it makes no sense at all. My area of expertise lies in American/Canadian culture, and I just realized I was writing a European character's experience as if he was in AmeriCanadia. Sadly, Googling brings up a lot of stuff in Swedish, which looks about as decipherable to me as a three-year-old's scribbles.

Main character is speaking with two school friends, one of whom happens to be Swedish and spent the summer in Sweden/Britain (his established history is ambiguous enough that he could be with family in either country, and I never established whether he's ethnic Swedish in Britain or an actual Swedish citizen). Swedish friend mentions he had a summer job. Due to Swedish friend's particular skills, a job as a lifeguard (at a community pool, for example) would be ideal.

Do Sweden and/or Britain have the same concept of "summer jobs" as American students do? Would lifeguarding be a possible? Are community pools common enough in urban/suburban areas to make this a possibility? What age would a lifeguard working during the summer have to be?

EDIT: Thanks for the quick response. ^^ Looks like I'll either place him in Britain or just eliminate the line of dialogue altogether.
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