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Bible, Qur'an and Torah stories...

Hello -
First, if there's a comm better suited to this question, please point me in that direction.

Basically, i need stories from any and all of the above-mentioned books about fathers and sons. I am very challenged when it comes to such things!

I know there's the story of...Noah? being naked and his sons covering them and then he wakes up and, apparently, in a hungover rage curses his youngest son and family to slavery? Weird. And there's...somebody almost sacrificing their son on the alter but at the last minute they're told 'oh, no, it's okay....'?

Anyway - father and son stories! The older and more obscure the better, but i'll take anything. Links are fine, or just the bare bones and i'll look up more details on my own. If daughters are included, that's fine, but i don't need father/daughter stories.

Thank you!

*Yahweh-god/Jesus stories are good, too!*

ETA: Wow, thank you! Lots of fodder here, i'd take more as they might come but this is wonderful, thank you all!
Tags: ~religion: christianity (misc), ~religion: islam, ~religion: judaism

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