Neon (angeling) wrote in little_details,

Amnesia Effects?

In an RP I run, there will at some point in time be a plot device which will cause certain characters to completely lose their memories (but not motor/functional knowledge). One player has alerted me to the fact this could be abused in lame ways, so before we actually allow this to happen I'd like to direct players to the effects global amnesia can have on people. I've looked around the internet but there seems to be little information available, so...

My question is basically this: What are the effects global amnesia can have on an adult? For this specific plot device they wouldn't really have amnesia per se, as the memories would completely be erased and be impossible to recover. So I'm looking for how a person with amnesia would feel. Depressed? Paranoid? Disoriented? Intimidated by people who claimed to know them on a personal level previously?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Tags: ~medicine: coma

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