JJ (justjayj) wrote in little_details,

Satire in English, 1660s

Help! I'm in mid-3-Day and need a throw-away reference.

I need:
1) A work of satire or humor that
2) was available in English in 1665 or earlier,
3) was legal for sale in England at the time, and
4) mocks science or scientists.

Right now I've got the reference mocking religion instead (Samuel Butler's Hudibras), but a scientific reference would be a much better fit.

Anyone got anything?

I will totally have your internet babies.

/hour 20, 6,200 words, aiming for 20,000.

ETA: Thank you, everyone, for the information. I got it in and got it done. *hugs little_details*
Tags: 1600-1699

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