The Guindo (theguindo) wrote in little_details,
The Guindo

Of comas and jewelery

Wow this is just about the dumbest question to ask ever.

Okay, my character is getting her ears pierced for her birthday. Almost exactly two weeks later, she gets attacked and ends up in a coma for nine months.

I know you're not supposed to like replace earrings after you first get it done for, what, a month, right? Cuz they close up really fast if you do?

Well, I'm wondering if the hospital staff would be required or at least inclined to take her earrings out while she was comatose. No damage done to her ears, really, back of her head mostly, if that'd have a bearing on the doings.

Either way works for me, I just need to mention whether she'll need to get them re-pierced after she comes out of it or not.

[Edit] Okay so the final answer seems to be that yes, they'd be removed and she'd have to get them re-pierced after she came out. Thanks for the help, folks.
Tags: ~body modification: piercings, ~medicine: coma, ~medicine: knocking 'em out

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