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STRAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE questions about lefties in Japan

anyone familiar with the anime/manga Inuyasha already knows the character description i'm listing below the LJ-cut, but the stuff i'm listing is important to the question i'm gonna ask.

*points at icon*

that, my friends, is Miroku. said character is a monk from Japan, about 500 years ago, according to canon.

he keeps his right hand gloved in purple cloth and keeps a string of prayer beads wrapped around his hand because there is a void in the palm of his hand. the beads' spiritual powers keep the void in check.

now that that's out of the way, here's my set of questions:

- in Japan, how are left handed people treated in modern times? 500 years ago?
- is there any stigma surrounding naturally left handed people in Japan? now versus 500 years ago?
- for a right handed person whose right hand is ridden with so much pain that he can't use it, how difficult would it be for him to use chopsticks left handed?
- (canon question about my character) - does Miroku tend to use his right hand for eating with chopsticks? is there anything he does left handed that is normally something a right handed person would do right handed?

thanks in advance.
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