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Coming of age in Japan (with fireworks)

I'm posting this here, since the people at thequestionclub couldn't help me on it.

The other night on the National Geographic Channel, I was watching a program about various coming of age ceremonies and rituals around the world. One in particular caught my eye; it was in Japan, and involved a boy making a fairly large traditional pair of fireworks with his father, and setting them off. There was something about the final boom at the end after all the sparks and flames shooting out symbolizing the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything about it. I'm pretty sure that Coming of Age Day is not what I'm looking for, and the only other thing I could find was the Sendai River Fireworks Festival (which I don't think is it, either).

Does anyone know what the crap I'm talking about? Or could you at least point me towards a group that might know and be able to give me or point me in the direction of more information?
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