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Japanese Cities and Distances; Traveling Methods circa 1875

I need some information on Japanese cities, and I am having trouble finding maps of Japan with distances listed in English (I do not read Japanese). Wikipedia doesn't have good clear maps with roads and stuff (at least not that I can find). Google Maps for Japan is all in Japanese.

This is what I need to know:
How far is it between Iyo and Matsuyama?
How far is it between Matsuyama and Tokyo?
(miles would be better for me than metric measurements)

Would a traveler in 1875 have traveled between Matsuyama and Tokyo by ship? Would he have walked? I'm guessing it would have been an awfully long walk, with at least one boat ride involved. Were there other means of transportation, such as renting a burro or horse?

The travelers are ronin or samurai, so they would have had a bit of money but would not have been wealthy.

Any help is appreciated!
Tags: 1870-1879, japan (misc), japan: history, ~travel (misc)

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