Tyger (tyra_amria) wrote in little_details,

Witnesses in Japan

I've got a situation, where there's been a violent attack on a bunch of schoolgirls, plus the shopkeeper of the shop they're in.
Just wondering - for any that are both alive and well enough to not need to go to the hospital straight away, what would the police do with them? Would the be questioned at the scene, and released, or would the be taken down to the nearest station? The girls would be rather traumatised by the attack (magical creature appearing out of nowhere in a world where these things aren't publicly normal), would this affect the decision? The shopkeeper is perfectly fine, physically and mentally (she's another magical creature, and more used to this sort of thing), would she be treated differently?
The police in this Japan don't officially acknowledge such things, but unofficially do their best to accommodate the law-obiding non-humans by not exposing them.
Tags: japan: government: law enforcement

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