gunningforcupid (gunningforcupid) wrote in little_details,

Just one question.

This is going to drive me NUTS until I figure it out.

Okay. What I'm looking for is just a word - I remember reading a book a while back, I think it was actually a Mercedes Lackey book set in Victorian times, but I've also come across the concept elsewhere. Anyway, the character visits what's basically the forerunner to modern-day pharmacies, where medicenes are sold. I also remember seeing these in other stories, and the fact that medicenes AND poisons were sold here; it wasn't the idea of a herbalist or anything, because it wasn't tied to witchery. It was just poisons and medicene, flat out. There's a word for it, I know it, I just don't know what it is.

*grits teeth, frustrated* Anyone? Help?

EDIT: Thank you. Thank you all. *worships* xD I don't know why I couldn't think of that. Apothecary!
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