Jessi B. (shadowrider) wrote in little_details,
Jessi B.

Treatment of those of African descent in 1941 (London) and 1869 (Cardiff)

Treatment of those of African descent in 1941 (London) and 1869 (Cardiff)

I'm trying to write a scene (or will be) in which a white man enters a party with a male friend who happens to be black, they've come in through a back entrance, and neither are from the current time period (yes it involves time travel). The scene would be set in London.

What I'm trying to figure out is how would his friend be looked upon given the time period. If I were setting this in America I'd assume that his friend might be asked to leave if not forcible put out of the building due to segregation laws at the time if he were in the southern US for example.

Also, in a 1869 setting in Cardiff, would it be correct to assume that this friend might be mistaken as the white man's servant or hired help?

I've been doing some research on Wikipedia but what I'm trying to get is a feel for the actual reaction of people around the pair and assumptions they might make. It's a big detail I'd like resolved before I try to write it.

If it helps at all this is for the Doctor Who fandom.

Thanks in advance!

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