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Children's savings and vending machines

In need of some help again.

Scene setting: five year old, America (non-specific and flexible location but
probably on the West Coast) in the early to mid eighties. Parents are school
teachers or similar.

1) Child is being encouraged to save money. How would they do this? A bank account,
post office account, piggy bank, other? Would the piggy bank have a plug or would
you have to smash it? Would they have a paying in book? WOuld they get free gifts or
other encouragements from the bank? Any other details or ideas?

2) What would be a reasonable amount of money for a child this age to get as pocket
money? Would it be called pocket money?

3) Child would have to have an awareness of vending machines. Would effectively any
child or would they have to live in or regularly visit a large city? What could you
get from them and where were they located? Street corners, malls, railway stations?

I realise there's a wide variety of possible answers but if I can get a range of
realistic ideas I can build on them from there. I have tried googling but most of
what it brings up is current - I'm sure the info's out there but it's hard to find.

Thanks muchly.

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