Alan (a.k.a Jasper) (jasper_the_cat) wrote in little_details,
Alan (a.k.a Jasper)

Jurisdiction Question

Planning out a future story at the moment and I have a question on how closely US and Canadian law enforcement/intelligence co-operate.

Basically there is an item stolen from a covert project which the US wants back, and they believe it is being stored in a Canadian city for a short period before being moved on. If the US decide to keep the Canadians in the dark and provide a cover story so that the Canadians do not realize what they are being asked to track or seize, something like drugs for example, then how quickly will the Canadians respond to US requests for help? Would the Canadians allow US officials into Canada to seize said item or just as observers? Would extradition treaties have to be involved?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Tags: canada: government: law enforcement, ~espionage

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