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Ancient Briton Languages

I have a problem with characters communicating.

The setting is ancient Briton - around 100AD, during the Roman occupation. One of the main characters is a female member of the Brigante tribe (north eastern England), another is a Roman soldier. Now, I am aware that the Roman will speak Latin. However, I can't seen to find what the Brigante will speak or even if the language is known. I've browsed wikipedia to no real effect (though useful search terms for google or wikipedia appreciated) but I would like to know the following:

- What language(s) would she speak? Would she speak any latin at all? I don't think she will but would be nice if she did.

- What languages other than latin would he speak? Obviously greek is possible but what about the local dialects? Would he speak any of her languages or are they stuck with sign language and similar non linguistic communication? Are there any linguistic conventions of the time which may allow them to communicate easier than waving hands at each other and grunting?

Thanks in advance...
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