Elz (marsonvaseline) wrote in little_details,

BBC Test Card F Music

I have quite a silly question. I've tried googling and whilst I've found lots of information on Test Card F, I've been unable to find the answer to the question I'm looking for.

In 1973, when the BBC were about to start their programming again after the test card had been on during the night, what happened? Did the beep continue until the announcer came on to say what the first television programme would be? Or was there music played at the same time as the test card for a short time before the globe BBC logo and the announcer? If there was music first thing in the morning, was there anything specific?

I seem to remember music during the day when the test card was shown, I don't know about first thing in the morning, but I can only remember as far back as the early eighties and any recollection of the test card, other than the girl and her creepy clown, is quite vague.

Any help is much appreciated.

And sorry for the mistake on the first posting.

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