Ceares (ceares) wrote in little_details,

Police Procedural help

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I have a story in which a character-Mr. Pink, is visting a strange city. He decides to take a stroll and stumbles upon a mugging/car jacking. Mr. Pink is an FBI agent and naturally jumps to intervene. In the process he is shot-in the shoulder and hits his head-knocked unconcious.

The criminals take his wallet, and his gun. At this point, how would the police handle it? Would he be taken to the nearest hospital or an indigent one since no id? How urgent would id'ing him be to the PD?

If he wakes with temporary amnesia from blow to head(yeah I know), would they fingerprint him?
To get an id?

Police then catch guys they think may be responsible. They want Mr. Pink to identify the guys in a line up-what is procedure for this? Would his id be usable considering the head wound and temporary memory loss?

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