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Prison Questions: Contains spoiler for Mystic River

These are general questions with only some reference to canon, but I couldn't figure out how to ask them without a spoiler warning. This is a Huge Spoiler. Thanks again in advance for any help.

Feel free to correct me on canon issues if you know that too, of course. I'd appreciate it.

So it turns out that the guilty party who helped murder the woman is a young man named Ray Jr. or "Silent Ray" who does not speak, and not for reason of a physical disability. (I may be wrong but I don't remember a specific diagnosis. At least one character refers to him as "slow" but that wasn't my impression. He uses sign language, but he can hear.)

I'm writing more from the film but at the end of the book, a character makes reference to Ray Jr. being "in jail." But considering his disability, and the fact that if I remember correctly he's a minor, would he be in a regular prison at all? Then again for a crime like that would he be tried as an adult?

Whether he is in a regular prison or not, how would he communicate? It seems unlikely he'd be given a pencil or electronics just for safety reasons.

Would there be special measures taken to separate him from the ordinary population based on his age or his disability? Would abuse be a given in such a situation?

Feel more than free to speculate. (I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to get anyone to write this for me; I think I have a grasp on the character but not the practical facts of prison.) I very much appreciate any help.
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