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Qur'an in Eurasia; spelling

So, does anyone know the correct way to spell "Muhammed/Muhammad/Mohammad/Mohammed"? I realize that it's difficult because it's in English, but there should be an organized knowledge. I've seen many scholars spell it different ways, so I'm asking for general opinion.

Also, another question, this time about the Qur'an. I know that it is against Islamic law to translate it, and that there are a lot of loops in the States- Usually an accompaniment to the Sharia, a condensed version, et cetera. However, what about different countries on the translation of the Qur'an? I know that you can get a translation easily in Russia, but I'm ignorant as to the rest of Europe and Asia.

Thank you, in advance- This is merely for detail, but I shudder to make a mistake on the subject.
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