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Have a couple obscure/vague questions.

1. Can someone gimme some info about mercenaries? I looked it up in the dictionary for a basic deffinition, and it pretty much just described it as being someone either out for monetarial gain, or a hired soldier for a foreign army. But that's not what I'm lookin for. Is someone who takes comissions from single clients to either steal, kill, run (illegal) deliveries, do other various dangerous stuff also considered a mercenary? Does this make sense? I.e. doing whatever's one can for money, with no check on morals.
I'd just like some clarification. This is not for an Earth setting, so don't let that limit you.

2. I'm really not sure how to go about asking this. Is there an actual schooling or category of self defense or martial art that's basically just impromptu fighting, using whatever's around you as a weapon, etc...? I've heard something about it in some... I dunno, movie or something. Basically I'm looking for resourcefulness, on-the-fly kind of stuff. If you got any knowledge of this kind of thing, just.. talk to me about it. Feed me information.
If there's no actual... category or name for this kind of thing, then just say "I have no idea wtf you're talking about, you're dumb" or something. I won't be offended, because quite frankly I've offended myself by describing my question so vaguely.

I hope I made some sense.
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