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Acids and airbrushes, lifting capacity, and duration of greasepaint?

Three different questions, I know, but I figured making three posts would be overkill. And annoying. Bear with me, please.

My first question is probably a bit icky, so I'll put it under a cut.

Basically, I have a character who is crazy and sadistic, and who fancies himself an artist. So I was wondering if it was possible to apply acid to someone's skin, using an airbrush. I assume it'd ruin the airbrush rather easily, but that's not a concern, he can afford a new one. I've found tons of stuff about acids and how they work, and the same for airbrushes, but nothing that could answer this. (Probably a good thing, because it's not a nice thing to do...)

Secondly, I have two characters who are in a sort of relationship, though not quite the normal kind. That's beside the point. The point is that I was looking for information about how much a person can logically lift, but it's sort of hard. I tried asking people I know, but it wasn't very helpful. One of my characters is a fairly large man, in the military, so he's well trained, though not to the bodybuilder extreme. He's 6'1" and about 183lbs or so. The other is 5'4" and 105lbs (and needs to put on weight). They're both in their thirties, and both healthy. Now, I'm aware that the larger one could easily lift the smaller one, my sister lifts me and I'm a lot heavier. What I'm wondering is if he can comfortably carry the smaller one around? I assume he can, but I really want to get things right.

And lastly, I'm wondering just how well greasepaint actually stays on. Specifically, I'm wondering about the paint they used back in the 1860s when greasepaint was invented, but any information is gratefully accepted. I can't find anything specific about the durability.

Hopefully, I did this right.
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