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Raptor Species Compatability

A friend recommended this community to me.

I was working today on making edits to a fantasy novel I've written and I've done my best to strike a balance between real science/well-researched and keeping things approrpriate for a fantasy-world. Something dawned on me today while tweaking Chapter 5.

You see, I have a scene in which a palace falconer is using both a peregrine falcon and a red-tailed hawk in the training of a gryphon-chick. They're training him proper flight techniques, and how to hunt, by example. The red-tailed hawk is, anyway. The peregrine falcon is a jerk and is laughing at the poor cub's ungainly flight.

Anyway... It just dawned on me: would this falconer be *wise* to have both a red-tailed hawk and a peregrine falcon out at the same time? When I wrote the scene, I didn't think the species would be incompatable with each other, but I just had the thought of "Am I sure? Am I really making a huge mistake here? Would a red-tailed hawk and a peregrine falcon sooner KILL each other than share airspace?"

I know quite a bit about certain animals, but can always stand to learn more and I'm woefully short in expertise on birds.

I already looked up stuff on falconry on Wikipedia, and I'm sure sure I can get such a specific and odd question answered on Google.

Lookin' for falconers, zookeepers, people who collect random bits of knowledge on raptors. Thanks in advance.
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