Jenniphyr (nachzes) wrote in little_details,

Translation [English --> Spanish]

It's the last line in the story, and I can't find an online translator that will do this properly. (I've tried Babel Fish ( and Google, and one more (can't remember what it was), but none of them translate the sentence properly: when I translate it back to English to check the phrase, it's all wrong.) Anyways, the phrase:

"May God forgive you."

I know it in French, but I cannot do it in Spanish. Aargh.

Anyways, I don't want a direct translation to "may", but rather sort of the Spanish equivilant to "I hope God forgives you" sort of thing. Or something. Any help would be appretiated. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

EDIT: QUESTION ANSWERED, THANKS EVERYONE! ^^ The story can be found here, if you want to read it.
Tags: ~languages: spanish

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