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Pregnancy details for 1950's and present

Hello everyone!

Before we start, I have Google'd this issue thoroughly as well as checked Wikipedia.

I need help identifying a "practice" from the 50's regarding pregnant actresses, which my characters are discussing. Now, as I have understood, actresses were fired once they became pregnant and I believe Lucille Ball was the first to appear on a show pregnant.

"There were several challenges from CBS, insisting that a pregnant woman could not be shown on television, nor could the word "pregnant" be spoken on-air."

I have found this from her Wikipedia article and I'm wondering if this practice was in effect as soon as the television was invented or was it developed somewhere along the way? If Lucille Ball was the first to break this rule, were there others fired after her? Is there a name for this practice and what year was it last used?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide me!
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction

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