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Abacus Game?

Not sure if I'm allowed to post another question so soon, but everyone was so helpful last time that I thought I'd give it a shot with a much, much vaguer question. This is for a plot bunny/drabble thing.

Does anyone know the name of a game played with a Chinese abacus? I saw it in a (Chinese) movie, but no one could tell me what the game was called. Basically, two players sit across a table, each with an abacus. On the count of three, they begin flicking the beads really fast, in what seems like a random pattern (to me, anyway). Whoever gets their beads to a certain position first wins. The most skilled/confident players can look at their opponent while they play, not even looking down at the abacus.

And, that's about all I know. Google and Wiki gave me lots of information about different types of abacuses (abaci?) and how to use them for math, but nothing about this weird game that stuck in my mind and is driving me crazy.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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