The Jester (the_jester1) wrote in little_details,
The Jester

Researching for '40s crime novel

I am currently writing a crime novel set in New York in the 1940s (during the War) and as you can gather this requires a little research.

I've researched zoot suits a little, and I understand that they were staggeringly popular among Afro-Americans and Mexican Americans during the war, but did many white guys wear them?

Also, did Guiness export to America during the war? Was stout at all available in America at the time. (America, and especially New York has long had a large Irish population - and one of my main characters is an Irish-American - so I entertain the notion that maybe it was).

Also, I'm looking for the Italian phrases meaning "fuck off" and "shithead". So far, for fuck off, an Italian friend informed me years ago that it was "fungula", though I've been told that it's "fungule" to a man and "fungula" to a woman; gave me:

"vaffanculo! vai in culo!
fuck it! fuck off! fuck you!"

I was wondering which one the right one was.

Also, I found on that "cacacazzo" is Italian for "shithead", but what's the plural? In the Brescian dialect "strons" is apparently the word. The character in my novel that says "shithead" in Italian was born in Tuscany in the late 19th century - which dialect would he have spoken?

Any help with all this would be much appreciated.

Thanking you all in advance.

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