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med/ ren urban property prices and rents

I'd like any information available on the prices of urban residential properties ie., what they sell for- and on weekly/ monthly rents for lodgings in cities in the medieval or renaissance periods.-(I need several related details here- my MC needs to invest ill-gotten gains in income producing property, and other characters-students, workers, etc need lodgings, so I'm putting both in one post.)
So- I'm looking primarily at urban property because it can be bought and sold in chartered towns, but cost of renting or buying rural farms and estates (where that's possible, like near Italian city-states) would be great too.
I'm looking for prices, info on what urban properties cost to buy (cottages, orchards, tenements, houses over shopfronts, merchant's houses/warehouses- any of those sorts of things) and what an individual would have to pay for rent, for any of the above. My guess is that I need to look at deeds and contracts, but I can't find any.
(The medieval ring sites that I've looked at have a lot of data for annual incomes from various tenements i.e., rents from the whole building- in English cities, but zero information on purchase prices *paid* for the tenements, and no info on individual rents, for just one room in the building, one shop, etc.
I've googled everything I can think of, but nothing takes me to actual deed transfers etc, which would clearly record what price was paid for the property. (I found references to transfer deeds, but couldn't find the deeds online)
Ideally, I'd like to find comparison info on purchase prices and rents for several countries and regions, from early medieval thru early Industrial periods, so any websites, books with tables or information will be useful.
I also need info on: rent for very cheap rooms for students' lodgings, and for at least 2 nice rooms for a teacher loosely affiliated with the University (1 private living space, 1 spacious sunny room for teaching his students in) in the equivalent of the Cite in Paris, or any other University town- I've got his likely income, that is, how much money he has to spend, now for plot reasons I need to figure out what kind of housing would be a financial strain!
What I've got so far from various wills and lawsuits is pretty sketchy: 14th century English merchant houses averaged L10-30 to build, tenements could return <12 shillings to 4+ pounds per annum to the owner, and 10 pounds to buy a London tenement is possible but ridiculously low, and a large country estate was sold for 1500 pounds. Does anyone know of websites posting deeds, contracts, any more detailed information on actual costs in contemporary money(not converted to modern prices) renting or buying town properties- specifically, 1100-1400 cities and universities, but really anywhere, medieval or renaissance? Thanks in advance-
Tags: 1300-1399, 1400-1499, 1500-1599, europe: history, ~middle ages, ~real estate

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