WesleysGirl (wesleysgirl) wrote in little_details,

Author doing reading at a bookstore

I've done more than a little googling and I haven't been able to find the information that I'm looking for. I'm wondering what the experience of being an author doing a reading (from his/her book) at a bookstore might be like in general, and especially if the book were non-fiction and politically/environmentally focused. I'm thinking of books along the lines of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring or David Kirby's Evidence of Harm, where the author's position on the subject might be somewhat controversial, to the point where some of the people attending the reading might be dissenters. At what point would the publisher of the book provide some sort of security to protect the reading from disruption and the author from possible physical harm? What would the experience of this be like for the author? Can anyone point me toward info that would answer some of these questions?

Thank you!

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