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rescuing/removing an abused animal "illegally"

first post. hi all!

to begin, i have done my research on greyhounds, the disgusting sport of greyhound racing and what happens to the dogs/how atrociously they are treated. that being done, i need to ask this.

the time setting is modern day, place probably somewhere in England or perhaps even Ireland (suburb of Dublin if i go this route). it is, in a sense, an alternate Earth, where humans know and are accepting of supernatural species living among them. for more detailed info, feel free to browse about the site below (link: this game).

in this game, which is really a lot like a neverending collaborative story, this character of mine is going to tell a girlfriend of hers about her latest rescue (latest....a couple months minimum) of a female greyhound. she would have been out for a drive or a walk when she spotted a human man beating said greyhound in his yard for losing a recent race. being more powerful (she being of the supernatural race) she would have removed the dog from his presence/place immediately, as well as gotten in a good argument with him before leaving with the dog. being he is a cowardly ass, he would threaten to call the cops/whoever on her for taking his dog.

-- i am aware that her stepping onto the property would be considered tresspassing and taking the dog some form of stealing in any universe.

-- if he called the authorities in the area, would they side with him once they heard from her exactly what she witnessed, saw the dog's condition and a veterinarian gave them a laundry list of the dog's massive injuries (not just from the beating)?
-- if so, should i give him a past criminal record (especially along the same lines) to sway it to her?

thanks lots in advance!
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