exlibras_vixy (exlibras_vixy) wrote in little_details,

Irish Gaelic translation and Lunar Cycles

I'm looking for an Irish Gaelic translation or alternative for the word 'lady' as in a title, rather as in a synonim for woman, which is what websites keep giving me. Either the word lasy, or a name for a woman of high rank that's in Irish Gaelic.

Also, I just wanted to check that this was ok. I'm writing a planet where the land masses have huge expanses of beach/salt/pebbles -- visible from planetary orbit -- because the tides are really extreme. Is there anything particular about the moon that would cause this? Would it be bigger or smaller than our moon? Have a tighter orbit? A less regular orbit? Or is it irrelevent, and it could just happen as a freak of nature?

I know it's not a little detail, but I also wondered if there were any communities for finding a writing buddy or anything like that.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: ireland (misc), ~science: astronomy

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