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Terra LeMay

Islam - creation of the Jinn (naris-samum?)

I'm working on something that requires me to know some mythology that is outside my repertoire. I'd like to make reference to the moslem creation myth surrounding angels/demons, specifically Iblis and/or the Jinn?

I've read and googled and wiki'd, and found that the Qur'an references something called "smokeless fire" that Iblis and the Jinn were created from, prior to the creation of man from "clay". I did some searching on that, hoping to find out more about this "smokeless fire". I had a bit of trouble.

Is naris-samum the term that translates to smokeless fire? If not, can someone tell me what the actual term is? Is it a direct translation, or could the term have other meanings? Is there anything else I should know, if I want to refer to this "smokeless fire", especially by it's original name?

The specific reference in the Qur'an that I'm looking at is: "And the jinn we created before that (the creation of man) from the blast of fire (naris-samum) Qur’an 15/28.

However, I believe that there may be others where the "smokeless fire" is referenced.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Tags: ~religion: islam

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