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Slang question

I have something of a quandary. I'm writing a story set in the 1920s era and while I have lots of books and adore the whole decade like nothing else, I'm having trouble working slang into it. Rather, I'm having a translation issue.

At the end of one of the scenes, I have a character uttering the words, "Blow me." I searched for a phrase that was similar to "Bite me," meaning-wise (which of course is not slang from that decade at all). I searched for similar phrasing that was short and would get the point across and ended up with the blow me comment from an archive of 1920s slang. Now, my problem is that it doesn't sound right for the decade. I went with it because I couldn't think of anything else, but I'm finding it's throwing readers off a bit (as a recent reviewer just picked it out as quirky).

Any suggestions?

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