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time from arraignment to hearing?

I have characters living in a near-future oppressive dystopia, so I'm not too worried about the actual *real-world* mechanics of this, but I want it to be believable as well as it is not too distant from now.

I have a character who is hiding political outlaws in her attic. While she is away at work, her house is searched because someone tipped off the authorities, who can do that sort of thing whenever they want. The attic people are all taken away, but they say that she had no clue they were living there. So, she is arraigned to come in for a hearing about the attic people.

My problem is that this is a play, and time is compressed over two weeks. This is towards the end, and I want her to go in for the hearing as soon as possible- like, two days after the searching of her house.

Is this at all believable, even in a fantasy future setting? The particular time and country are not mentioned in the play. I don't want her to be arrested or a big deal made about the attic people, since everything is hushed up as opposed to held up as a loud "warning" or whatever.

I've only known one person who had to go in for a hearing, and that was like months after- but I imagine for different charges it's different? She is not harbouring criminals or fugitives, but people who have had their citizenship and rights stripped from them and are hiding from persecution.

EDIT: Thanks for the responses everyone. :)
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