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Weather in various parts of the USA

Hi, had a look in the tags for the community, but didn't see anything like what I'm wondering. It's kinda hard to know what to google, too, since I really need personal, lived impressions.

So, my question!

I want to know what states/ciries/regions in the USA have the most extreme or iconic seasons.

For Summer, I really want somewhere tropical, or sub-tropical, like that really humid weather where you can't even think it's so hot, and if there's a breeze it's heavy and sticky, and you can't even get cool in the shade. I was thinking maybe Florida, or possibly Mexico proper.

Autumn I need one of those places where the leaves fall off the trees and you get the winds, possibly rain? I was thinking maybe somewhere up in New England, but then I also want to use that region for Winter. I don't know when the rainy season would be in New England; West Coast it's in spring, isn't it?

Winter, I need somewhere that snows. So yeah, New England leaps to mind--or maybe somewhere like Ohio? Can one expect to get snow all across the north east of the USA?

Spring, I need somewhere that rains, so I'm thinking Washington State (I've lived there as well which would make it easier to write, I think), and unless my memory fails me, WA gets some pretty nice spring greenery as well. Is there anywhere else where one would just want to be for Spring, it's so beautiful?

I'd love personal impressions rather than meteorological statistics (which, yeah, I can look up). I could totally do this for Australia (um... if anyone needs a rundown of seasons in Aus, I'm your girl! *thumbs up*), but my knowledge of the USA is mostly through pop culture, so... not entirely accurate, I'd imagine.

Thanks for your time!

To the mod: sorry! I had a subject line, and then semagic went and vanished the subject line toolbar and I guess the subject line went with it. I only just rediscovered the toolbar, and have now added a subject line again. Sorry to be a pest.

ETA: Wow, thanks for the amazing responses, I think I've got all I need. ♥ ♥
Tags: ~climate/weather

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